Tech, Problems, Soutions!

MDias Tech likes technology, but really enjoy technology connected to daily real life. That's why you will see from embedded hardware up to photography.

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Who am I?

Technologist, Creative, Hands-on, Learner! Photographer, Homebrewer, Scuba diver!
Naturally excited with problem analysis and how stuff works, it helps me go deep in details during analysis and implementing solutions.

If you have an idea or problem, I will be very happy to work with you to make it work.
It can be from homebrew's or photography's techniques, to complex software architectures. Be able to learn with new projects and technologies is the motivation's engine.

Check my profile for technologies and projects that I've already worked with.
But don't be afraid to surprise me!


MDias Assistant

At Your Service

Software Engineering to solve real world problems. Experience with embedded solutions development creating IoT equipments, Mobile applications development, Web based application and Backend Software Development for platforms where high performance and low latency makes difference!

Projects in different company sizes and industries, such as: Consumer electronics, Entertainment, Financial, Industrial automation, Information Technology and Services, Marketing.

Server side

High performance server side, web and IoT development.


Mobile applications development.

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence research. (try the site chat assistant!)

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Are you interested in working with me? Give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!